28.11.2022 Titan

Guys, now I will turn on auto reset for everyone and remove all monsters on the server, monsters will only be available at the CryWolf location

19.11.2022 Opening

GRAND OPENING 26.11.2022

Version: Season 6 Part 16
Experience rate: x99999
Rate for ML experience: x99999
Rate for drop: 100%
Max Level: 400
Max Level ML: 800
Reset: 400 level
Grand Reset: 50 reset (Reward 25.000 WCoins 250 WCoinsP 3000 Ruud)
Max stats: 32767
Point per level all classe: 10     
Stats per reset all classe: 1000
Mu Helper: from level 10
Guild Creation: Level 300
Max players in the guild: 20
Max Guild alliance: 1
Alliance Min User: 10
Owner Destroy Limit: 1
NPC Elf buff: level 300/10 reset (Premium 400/20)
Max Reset: 130
Max Grand Reset: 999
Create MG/DL/RF: 220/250/180
Respawn Dark Elf in Refuge 2 min

New maps, New Munn, New Bosses, New Mix, New Wings, New Set, Weapon, Shild.

Currently this is only one server.